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Blanket Fujikura Offset Printing
Blanket Fujikura Offset Printing
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With more than a half century of history in the manufacturing of offset printing blankets, and striving to create the best and most ecological product for mankind, Fujikura Rubber, Ltd. continues to develop and produce unique products by utilizing the composite technology based on original rubberized fabric production techniques, consistent with our rigorous R&D standards.
 Especially the field of graphical arts, with expanding global sales strategy, we continue to gain numerous numbers of customers world wide. 

 Requirements from our closest and best relationships with our customer are incorporated into the specifications for new development. To realize those new demands, we are continually exploring the best components towards the next design.

 In 1999, Fujikura retooled and enhanced the quality management system approved by ISO9001.
We assure not only quality, but also reliance and security.
 FUJIKURA GRAPHICS offers the product which can contribute to society, and also be a better partner ecologically, and globally.

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